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Lansky Real Estate began in 2016 and was founded in 2019 with Jasper Lansky's goals and aspirations of selling, investing and developing real estate throughout California. Having established real estate brokers, developers and general contractor family role models, he has been held to a high standard from a young age. He started selling in the Greater Los Angeles area and currently sells real estate with his team in San Luis Obispo County, Greater Los Angeles and Coachella Valley. He has represented over $100,000,000 in real estate sales, acquisitions and management. After a year's presence in Coachella Valley Jasper is on track to represent $20,000,000 in volume for 2023.

Brick Wall Building


Jasper plans to expand in the real estate sales and development space focusing in SLO County and Coachella Valley. He identifies the lack of housing issue state wide and desires to find an affordable solution with unobtrusive effects to our smaller municipalities.

J. Lansky Reviews 

"Very knowledgeable and professional. He was very quick to respond and kept in good communication throughout and very informed in the homes he showed. Overall I would highly recommend Jasper L."
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